PEERNET TIFF Image Printer

With TIFF Image Printer you convert Windows documents to TIFF image files. TIFF Image Printer is a print driver that converts documents printed with any Windows application into virus-free, serialized or multi-page TIFF image files. It allows you to perform image manipulation - for page setup, etc. You can select output options to save to file, a wweb folder, FTP folder, etc. Ideal for document imaging, archiving, management, and distribution activities and is especially useful for virus-free email distribution.
Product Details
PEERNET TIFF Image Printer is a print driver that converts documents into TIFF image files. The most advanced TIFF print driver available on the market, this product converts MicrosoftWindowsdocuments into virus-free serialized or multi-page TIFF images.
Once youve created image files, printing automatically launches email (including Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, or Lotus Notes), then attaches and sends all output files. You can also choose from numerous output optionslocal folder, network folder, ftp folder, Web folder (WebDAV). The whole process is simple and transparent.
We guarantee that recipients receive virus-free image files. Even if the original documents or computer have a virus, the images created will not. And because virtually any imaging program, document management solution, or file viewer can read the file formats supported by PEERNET TIFF Image Printer, youll never have calls from recipients who cant open your email to them.
TIFF conversion is as fast as printing. Recipients can read your documents using virtually any e-mail browser. And the files you send are virus free. For all your electronic communications, PEERNET TIFF Image Printer delivers efficient and reliable results.
Features of PEERNET TIFF Image Printer
Some of the TIFF Image Printer features include:
Print to Email
This product supports virtually all email clients, making it ideal for enterprises of any size.
When configuring the product, you can default the TO, CC, and BCC fields, specify files that will be attached to all messages, set the default subject, and set the default message content.
Use numerous email programs to automatically attach and send all output files. The product includes support for the following mail protocols: Simple MAPI, Extended MAPI, and VIM.
Built-in support lets you communicate directly with any SMTP-enabled mail server. This feature provides the ability to send mail even if you do not have a mail client program on your computer. Just enable the SMTP email option of the image driver.
Virus-free Email Distribution
Launch any email client to automatically attach and send virus-free output files. Even if the original documents or computer have a virus, the images you create will not.
Full Control over Output Filenames
You can configure four naming profiles to determine how all output files are named. You have access to a number of variables that hold runtime information for building dynamic filenames. You can keep the default extension for image files or use your own extension.
Image Manipulation
Rotate both landscape and portrait pages automatically, by 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Use dithering to enhance the appearance of color images that have been reduced to black and white. With support for 600-dpi and 1200dpi printing resolution, achieve true WYSIWYG output that is identical to laser printer output.
Add a watermark to your document by selecting an image file to use as the watermark. Separate images can be chosen for portrait and landscape pages. The watermark image can be stretched to fit the page or can be tiled. The brightness of the watermark can also be adjusted.
Text Extraction
Create additional text files as part of the process of printing source documents to TIFF image files. These text files contain the text elements of the source documents. Archive programs use these text files to cross-reference the image files.
TIFF Options
Control the version (profile) of TIFF files created by the driver so the TIFF files conform to a particular applications TIFF file specification. The following options are provided: Error Logging
Log all errors to disk and/or have error messages displayed in standard.
Color Reduction
Several color reduction options are available for images. In general, the fewer the colors in an image, the smaller the file size on disk. The available color reduction options are Reduce to Optimal Palette, Reduce to Grayscale, Reduce to Black-and-White, and None.
Run External Programs or Files
The enhanced run command operations support using the extension of the file to invoke the default application associated with that file extension. When enabled, the default command associated with the run-at-end-of-file event will invoke the default image viewer.
Shared Printer
Pre-load standard printer setups using the printer setting, to allow drivers to be distributed as a shared printer across the enterprise without using a special installation script. Users quickly and easily install the driver on local machines from the server using the standard Add Printer wizard.
Programmers API
Develop full integration of the driver with your application by using the programmers API that is distributed as a Windows DLL and provided with each driver.
Special Commands
Control printing dynamically at runtime by embedding special commands called control strings in your documents. (Think of these control strings as the macro language for the print driver.) Place TIFF Image Printer control strings at strategic points throughout your documents to control any aspect of the printing process.
Workflow Automation
Enter a run command and the TIFF Image Printer launches an external application, such as a file viewer or photo editor, immediately after output. Commands can be set to run at the start of a print job, at the end of a print job, at file close, or after each pageor all four.
Paper Size
Select a paper size up to 18.03 x 18.03 inches, or 458 x 458 millimeters. Supports most paper sizes.
50, 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 600, 1200 dpi.
Color Modes
Color or and White only
Compression Methods
Compress true color, 256-color, and black-and-white (monochrome) images in a variety of ways. The following compression methods are available: Prerequisites
Disk Space Required: 30MB Memory Required: 32MB Minimum , 64MB Recommended
A license is for use on 1 (one) computer by one user. For Terminal Server and Terminal Services clients, you are required to have 1 (one) license for each Terminal Services client (each user). This License Agreement strictly forbids distribution of the Driver with Licensee's application or to utilize the Driver as part of any device, application or service sold, rent or leased by the you or your company. Distribution of the Driver with Licensee's application or as part of any device, application or service requires a separate authorization and the payment of license fees.

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